Debra Kalmanowitz

Debra has worked as an artist and art therapist since 1992. Her work has focused on political violence and torture as well as trauma, loss, change and social change. She has worked extensively both in London and in countries of war and upheaval. She has worked with both adults and children and, previous to this, in Israel, Canada, the USA and UK in many different working contexts. In addition to co-establishing (1994) and co-running the Art Therapy Initiative (ATI) she worked for eight years as a Senior Art Therapist and supervisor in the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy team at the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, now called Freedom from Torture North London.

Debra currently lives in Hong Kong where she works as an art therapist with refugees and asylum seekers. Debra also supervises, consults and trains other professionals in this work, is a Research Postgraduate, PHD candidate, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong and continues to work internationally and to make her own art. Debra (BA, MFA,MA RATh) is an HPC-registered Member of the British Association of Art Therapists and BAAT approved supervisor, a member of the Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists and an Honorary Clinical Associate, Centre on Behavioural Health, University of Hong Kong.

Bobby Lloyd

Bobby has worked as an artist and art therapist for two decades with children, young people and families in contexts of political violence, social upheaval and deprivation - within the humanitarian aid, health, education and voluntary sectors. In 1994 she co-founded the Art Therapy Initiative (ATI) with Debra Kalmanowitz with whom she continues to co-lead the project.

In addition to working through more traditional clinical models within the NHS and education, Bobby’s work in London has involved extensive collaborations with other artists and art therapists through which to deliver in-depth, long-term socially engaged arts projects and explore different models for engagement. Mostly recently, her work has taken place within communities experiencing high levels of social exclusion in East London, such as on Traveller and Gypsy sites through On Site Arts and on housing estates through the drawing shed where she currently works as co-lead artist director. The latter project uses a series of mobile studios to engage with residents and investigates the role of creativity in fostering improved mental health and well-being within individuals and communities.

Bobby is an HPC registered art therapist and BAAT registered clinical supervisor. She regularly consults to other practitioners and lectures across disciplines at colleges in the UK, Europe and further a-field.

Together, Debra Kalmanowitz and Bobby Lloyd co- founded ati in 1994 as an independent 
London-based art therapy service working in the context of political violence and trauma.
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