Art Therapy

Art Therapy
is a combination of disciplines: art and therapy. The Greek origins of the word 'therapy' suggest serving and attending to another and art is seen as a mode of intrinsic personal expression. Art therapy is the disciplined reflection on these two processes.

In an art therapy session the individual is involved in making art (painting, sculpting, drama, writing a poem, telling a story, making music..). It is through this process that the individual can begin to make meaning of events, emotions or experiences in her life, in the presence of the therapist.

The content of the image made in an art therapy session can contain many meanings. It has a capacity to hold the personal, the archetypal, the social, the spiritual, the political, or the transpersonal at one and the same time. This allows for a unique pace to unfold as the individual becomes ready to accept different levels of her initial expression, which remain as a visual witness to which she can return.

Art therapy works on many different levels: through the absorption in the art -making process, through the dynamics of the relationship, through the dynamics of conscious and unconscious and through reflections on the content of the image itself. At the centre of art therapy is the understanding that all of the above can lead to change. Art therapy does not rely on previous art skills.

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